I’ve been waiting for last night since before the accident.

(Because that’s how life is categorized these days: Before the Accident and After the Accident, with subcategories of Plaster Cast, Walker, Crutches, Boot, No Boot.)

It was one of my last days of work when I got a presale email from The Avett Brothers. Naively thinking I could grab tickets thirty minutes after the sale opened, I finished my meeting, only to find out they were sold out, only to spend the next hour obsessively refreshing my screen and finally–finally!–scoring two tickets.

Then, The Accident. I wondered if we could go. But time heals, and we got to it. First we went to dinner at Knox Mason, where I had the infamous Killed Salad and Derek had a mushroom salad that he claims was incredibly meaty. I declined to try it. We ordered fun grownup martini-style drinks (his a Dirty South Martini and mine a Blueberry Bee’s Knees) and split a seasonal butternut squash panzanella for our main dish.


“killed salad” is actually Kilt Green Salad, although apparently our server isn’t aware of this, and it’s made of greens warmed in Benton’s Bacon saucy goodness, served over toasted sourdough bread and topped with a poached farm-fresh egg. It’s just as amazing as it sounds, and I want to try new things on the menu but cannot make myself order anything but this.


The concert was amazing. Last time Kate and I went to a show, they played tons of my favorite songs, but overall the show was a little frenzied. This one was polished and beautiful, and while they did not play my very-very favorite November Blue or my second favorite Salvation Song or my third favorite Pretty Girl from Annapolis (with the Bob Marley interlude), I got to hear other favorites like Murder in the City, Paranoia in B-Flat Major, Morning Song, Slight Figure of Speech, Famous Flower From Manhattan, and the old spiritual In the Garden.


And, some new songs! We got three Easter eggs at the show.

First, they debuted a brand new song in Knoxville last night called Divorce, Separation Blues. It’s funny and sad all rolled into one. The last minute is the best. All these videos, by the way, are not mine. They’re by a superfan who goes by DCRANGERFAN on YouTube. He goes to nearly all the shows and takes the best videos.

And Die then Grow, another beautiful new-to-me song:

And finally, this one. I dare you to listen and not start tapping your foot. (It’s a good thing my dad is in Ethiopia with very little internet access, so he can’t stream these and groan and wonder how he raised such a child.)

It was so good to get out, on a date, with my favorite person in the world, doing two of my favorite things: eating and listening to my favorite band.