We had a pair of weddings this weekend. Advance apologies for getting exactly zero pictures of the actual brides and grooms, but this is just one of many reasons why I will never begin a career as a photographer.

Here’s Sophia and me, pre-Saturday-wedding. I am wearing a castoff dress from one of our members, and my grandmother’s pearls, given to her for her high school graduation in, I think, 1928. Sophia is wearing a dress from the Amazing Bridget, which she wanted to also wear today, but last night she dumped a plateful of strawberry dessert thingy into her lap. Whoops.

This is not our house. This is my in-laws’ house, where we dropped Jonathan off for the night, which turned out to be very good since we didn’t get home till about 10:30 p.m. and both girls were sleepwalking up the stairs and into bed.

Kate was a Junior Bridesmaid at Wedding #1. She’s been looking forward to this day for more than a year. Thankfully I waited till the last minute to get her shoes–she shot up from a size 2 last September to a 6.5 this year! She looked so grown-up and beautiful.

Here she is, walking in to the church:

They had a photo booth at Wedding #1, so the girls hammed it up.

Derek and I loved catching up with our First Lutheran friends. Then we went home, got some sleep, and got up for wedding #2. This one was at Praise Lutheran, right in the middle of the Divine Service, with a yummy southern barbecue afterwards in a tent outside.

I don’t have any wedding or reception pictures from today, because I was too busy helping with the food/chasing Jonathan, but I did manage to snap one of the two pastors wearing their matching collars before the service. Isn’t it sweet?

And now, it’s September, my birthday and wedding anniversary are over, and I’m ready for fall. Not for the same reason as everyone else in east Tennessee (do I really have to say it? Football), but for cool mornings that make me hug my coffee mug with my hands and cool evenings that inspire me to make pumpkin sage ravioli and beer cheese soup and chili. I love the heat and simplicity of summer, but fall is my favorite cooking season. Bring it on.