Straight from the CPH meeting, I can report the following:

1. It was 64 degrees in the boardroom. Three people had blankets UP TO THEIR CHINS and even the men were walking out and saying, “Whew! I’ve got to thaw out.” Despite that and my continued impassioned pleas for a slightly more moderate temperature, it stayed in the meat locker range. I wore long underwear, long sleeves, a suit jacket, scarf, and a blanket, but my nose and hands and core were still frozen solid. I know I appear to be obsessed with air conditioning, but there is really something wrong when you have to dig out your winter long johns in September on a 90-degree St. Louis day to be able to sit through a meeting in which you can see your breath. If they would just nudge the temp up to 70, you’d hear raves and raves only from me. Because I truly enjoy the meetings, love serving on the board, and adore St. Louis.

2. Chapel was lovely. President Harrison preached about suffering. He gave a great Luther quote: “Faith reconciles opposites.” Love that. We also prayed for the congregation where I was baptized (Beautiful Savior, Boise), the one whose pastor buried my grandma (Good Shepherd, Boise) and Derek’s and my home district (South Dakota). I continue to love that CPH prays for the entire roster of ordained and commissioned workers, congregations, and districts in the LCMS on a rotating basis.

3. We are likely going to begin our meetings earlier from now on–7 a.m. instead of 8–which means I can fly out Wednesday evening instead of Thursday morning, which means only 1.5 missed days of work instead of 3. Love. It. I’m a morning person anyway, and as long as I have a nice hot cup of Starbucks I’m good to go. And I do mean hot. (See #1.)

4. We have some awesome books coming down the pike. I’m taking home the Apocrypha, for starters. When that was first brought up I had a typical Lutheran reaction: But that’s Catholic! I’m sort of excited to read it for the first time and see what it’s got to say. It looks like it’s very well done.

5. My daugher Kate has a hand-me-down iPod and she texts me on it. Her texts are like surprise bouquets in my day. “Hi mom !! Love you and miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! School was ok subsatite . In stem we made levers out of legos !!!!! 🙂 and Jon say s hi mommy ! Love you mommy

6. Even though my core body temperature was somewhere in the dry ice stage, I ate Ted Drewes for lunch. It rocked.

Just admit you’re jealous and let’s move on.

7. Arriving home, I received a selection of these:

They’re variations on “I love my mom. She is kind [kand, spelled the southern way, obviously].”

Jonathan pretended not to miss me and asked for Daddy, but he also made me watch Curious George with him and asked for extra snuggles all afternoon and evening.

Love St. Louis, love coming home.