I just wrapped up my first week of work. Of course it was only a four-day week, but remember I haven’t had an out-of-the-house job in almost a decade. So the goal this week was to just not die from having to talk to people and exist in an overly air-conditioned building.

It turns out I’m managing a rather large team of ten, soon to be thirteen. That was a surprise. I recall a vague question in the interview about how many people I’d managed. I answered, thinking I’d have 2-3 people under me at most. Nope.

Last time I managed people I was a rather frightened 24-year-old running the office and marketing of a furniture store. I had no idea how to handle people and I made plenty of mistakes. Oh, the mistakes! I cringe thinking about how…young…I was.

I’ve realized that the combination of time and having kids has prepared me for this job. Time gives the authority a 24-year-old just doesn’t have, and having kids helps hone delegating and coaching skills.

On the home front, Derek has been amazing, getting the kids off in the morning and meeting the bus in the afternoon. and, from what I’ve observed, truly enjoying this wonderful time with our children. Have I mentioned that I love him? I do.

All in all, despite the surprise number of employees and the relational issues I’ll need to sort out, I’m enjoying work. I get there and it’s like I’m in a zone all day, and I go home and I’m…done. Finished. I don’t have to check my email constantly, and I don’t have to work almost every night trying to stay ahead of my clients. The work itself is exciting and challenging, and the company just moved to a brand new office with new desks and equipment and even a water fountain that includes a purifier and a place to fill your water bottle, with a “We’ve saved TK bottles” counter.

In a while, I’ll be able to start telecommuting part-time. That, too, is exciting, to know that there will be some days when I can work in my jammies in our lovely mountain retreat. In the meantime, I survived…and I think I’m looking forward to Monday.