We closed on our house Thursday. It was a wild week, starting the previous Thursday when the buyers closed on their house and…didn’t have a place to live. Not sure why this didn’t occur to them before, but we let them move into our house early in anticipation of a Tuesday closing.

Monday, it poured rain. The roof started to leak. The roof started to leak through the ceiling. Derek called our roofer; no answer. Our agent gave us the name of a roofer; no answer. He finally called back and said it would run around $500. Gah.

It continued to pour rain on Tuesday, but that didn’t matter. Derek drove up to Knoxville for the closing at 10 a.m., and the title people were looking at him funny. Turns out the closing was delayed, and no one told him. Whoops.

Turns out the closing was delayed because the inspector for the buyers’ FHA loan was really drilling down into the regulations and asking for some pretty specific modifications from us, except no one told us because the buyers, decently, decided that since they were the ones getting the FHA loan the modifications should be their responsibility. Only they couldn’t get them done in time and get them inspected, so the closing had to be delayed. And then our agents crossed wires.

Once Derek found all of this out, he calmed down a few degrees, but he was pretty steaming mad at first. He’s so easy-going and hard to ruffle, so watch out if he gets mad, because it’s probably for a good reason. That’s why I hate it when he’s mad at me, because that means I’ve really screwed up.

Thursday came, and they weren’t sure until the last moment if the closing would even happen because they were waiting on final-final approval from the FHA guy, who finally came through.

So, it’s done. Odd how easy it is to buy or sell a house, really, with a few signatures and promises.

After almost eight months of us being real estate tycoons (which is a nice way of saying we were carrying two mortgages), I thought I would be relieved about getting rid of the albatross that is the old house. But it’s so final; that part of our lives is really officially over. And it was a happy time, one I’m not eager to close the door on. Two of our kids were born nine blocks down the street and were brought home as hours-old newborns. My home office, my sanctuary, is now the new owners’ bedroom (I didn’t see it but Derek did, and I’m glad I didn’t because it would have been too much).

In our old dining room.

And now, we move forward. We fix the gutters on the new house, and perhaps pick up some patio furniture on clearance for the screened-in porch. We get used to driving a distance to Kroger, the library, church…and an even further distance to get Magpies and turbinado sugar from the Three Rivers Market.

And we make memories here, in our mountain house.