It started off well, with gorgeous weather, a trip to the park, family walks, and baseball in the yard. And then, this morning my CPH cold had turned into a sinus infection, and all our fun break plans went out the window when instead I had to drug myself with ibuprofen and drag all three kids to the doctor and pharmacy. Jonathan was pretty much passed out the whole time–thank goodness for Kate, who carried his sleepy body all over for me.

And, it seems I just signed up to write wine pairings for Cooking Light’s big, bad, benchmark anniversary cookbook. Which is fabulous and a huge honor. But they’re due Friday. And, since my left sinus is throbbing and I can’t even begin to think about wine until this combo antibiotic and decongestant kick in, I’m sitting on the porch swing watching the kids play and thinking how nice my bed would feel if I were curled up in it, but alternately tearing up and laughing at their antics and wishing I could freeze them in time, right now.

And, since it seems I always pick the times when I should definitely be concentrating on all the big life changes and my ginormous to-do list to launch a big old work project, well…I’m launching a big old work project. Maybe it’s an escape mechanism, so I don’t have to think about collecting boxes and packing. Derek hates my timing, but you can’t put a stopper on the Muse.

She will have to go into the holding pen for awhile, though. I have wine pairings to write, parks to explore, playdates to attend, and, unfortunately, boxes to pack.