For National Lutheran Schools Week, the kids get to dress up in themed outfits every day. Today is Generation day. Kate’s class is dressing like grownups. Sophia’s class is dressing like grandparents.

Kate chose a businesswoman suit. She couldn’t decide exactly what she does, but she said, “I work in an office. Kind of like you, except you work in your bathrobe and you never go anywhere.”

Yes, that. It is a real perk of my job.

Sophia decided to dress like Grandma Roberts. When we were upstairs trying to decide on an outfit, Kate told her, “Grandma wears tan pants and really bright shirts.” You see how she ended up: white jeans, brown shoes with pink flowers, a pink heart shirt, and a black and white leopard print sweater. She kind of looks like a Vegas grandma, minus the red lipstick, cigarette, and booze. Sorry, Maureen. 🙂

Today is Kate’s ninth birthday. Nine years ago we were shocked into being parents. We didn’t know what we were doing, but we loved it. Now, we know a little better what we’re doing, and we love it even more.

Happy birthday, sweet Kate.

And, I’m off to St. Louis!