Homes, Sweet Homes

I have a bunch of law firm website pages to write, and Jonathan is napping soundly upstairs, but, hey, I’ve got house fever. Won’t you join me? Since everyone keeps asking, here’s the latest in the Roberts buying/selling saga.

Our house

has been on the market for two weeks now. We’ve had five showings, and the last couple to look (on Sunday) asked for utilities information on Monday. Good sign! Later that day our agent said she thinks they’re preparing to make an offer. Squee!

…and then days go by with me palming my phone 24/7 lest I miss the all-important Offer Phone Call.

…and they don’t call, and I go from high hopes to impatience to despair to acceptance. And, after all, it’s only been two weeks. There are other fish in the sea.

…and then, today, our agent tells us they’re lining up financing today. Squee! We’re back in the game, baby. Which is fabulous, because I’m already tired of keeping the house in Show Shape.

Maryville houses

Most of the drama has been 20 miles south of here. Maryville is a smaller community, so there are fewer homes available in the first place. Once you narrow down our criteria (in the city limits because the city schools rock, at least three bedrooms but probably four because I need an office with a door that shuts, and, for Derek, a not-so-old house that has a lower heating bill…not that we don’t love ya, KUB!), we’re left with a pretty small number of homes.

So, we actually found The House quite a while ago. Actually, a guy in the congregation told us about it, having heard about it from a neighbor who is also in the congregation. We looked at it. The house has great bones and horrendous decor, but even putting money in to update, we’d still come out ahead because it’s a buyer’s market.

I can’t explain the entire saga online just yet, but I will say we made a contingency offer on the house, went back and forth, and ultimately decided to go house-hunting this morning.

I picked out four houses to look at. Two of them had sold that week. I picked two more. One was already sold, and the other has renters in it who are “sick” today (the seller’s agent strongly implied they were lying). We started to freak, because really, there aren’t that many four-bedroom houses in Maryville, and these had been on the market for at least 6 months, and all of a sudden someone was buying them up like Monopoly properties!

We looked at two houses this morning and went back to The House. It’s still the one. We made another offer today and measured a bunch of things and I’m trying not to redecorate the entire thing in my head yet until we know for sure.

Key word: trying. Just don’t check Pinterest and bust me, okay?


  1. Indulge this poor guy from the previous generation who spends most of his time immersed in Russian, not American colloquial jargon. Define for me three terms:

    “sqee” (a vocal expression of delight?)
    KUB (name of a utility?)
    Pinterest (some website about real estate?)

  2. I totally have you pegged, dad. I wrote squee and thought, “dad is going to comment on this.”

    You have it all right except for Pinterest. It’s an online bulletin board where you can “pin” photos to boards. I’m using it to put together room decorating ideas for the potential new house.

  3. Well, somehow “sqee” suits you. :-)

    New Russian jargon is a lot easier, because it mostly comes from English. My favorite new and applicable term is the verb пиариться (pronounced “PR – itsa”). Can you guess what it means?

  4. I still can’t figure it out. I even plugged it into and nothing.

  5. OK…now I’m going to follow your decor ideas on Pinterest. I love slate tile too! It is my fantasy goal someday for my kitchen. BTW, we had the most horrific tile in our old house in the kitchen–actual linoleum (the real deal) circa 1952! it was supposed to look like brick or something, but it was hard to tell. Needless to say, area rugs work wonders.

  6. Not surprised. I doubt that dictionaries and auto-translators are up to speed. The key is “PR” as in “public relations.” пиариться means “to PR oneself,” i.e., promote oneself to the public. See why I like it? :-)

  7. You should add it to your email signature line when you’re doing missionary fundraising. Ha!

  8. No, I think I’ll add “squee.”

    Or, more appropriately, давай! (davai!) This is used in everyday speech in all kinds of contexts, such as “hurry up,” or “let’s” (do something). Literally it means “give!”


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