I’m working on a redesign for my writer’s website this week. The design is outdated, and I need to revamp the content so it focuses more on my marketing communications writing instead of my magazine work. I was going to just slough it off and go to law school and forget about it, but now that I’m not going (at least for now) this project is like a little bandaid, because I do love a good website redesign.

I found an awesome template, too. See?

Now I’m trying to pick a font for my name/logo on the top of the site. Have you ever read KevinandAmanda? It’s a blog by this crafting/scrapbooking girl, and she takes people’s handwriting and turns them into fonts. I’ve downloaded all…ahem…300 or so. I could spend all day playing with these.

They are all so stinkin’ cute. And these are some of the more “serious” fonts!

I dare you to download them. Double dog dare, even.