So far this month, we have had

  • Preschool Tree-Trimming Party and Concert
  • Three kids’ birthday parties
  • One grownup birthday party
  • UT graduation/open house
  • LWML cookie exchange
  • Kate’s piano recital/party
  • Campus ministry party
  • K-8 Christmas Concert
  • After which, Derek and I snuck away to go hear a band! In a bar! After 9 p.m.! (Really.)
  • Party/gathering for visiting Principal candidate
  • Bell choir concert (plus extra rehearsals)
  • Church live nativity
  • Kids’ church Christmas program

At these gatherings, I ate approximately

  • 2 pounds of cake
  • 1,600 cookies
  • 5 bags of chips and 2 cartons of dip
  • 4 containers of Chex mix

And drank about

  • 20 bazillion glasses of wine, eggnog, milk punch, and church lemonade

And gained

  • I’m afraid to look, but am definitely going on detox in January

Our counter contains

  • Several packages of fudge
  • Homemade cookies and pumpkin bread
  • Chex mix (which I cannot stop eating)
  • A box of truffles
  • Three boxes of Santa chocolates
  • A large tin of sweets from Swiss Colony
  • And I forget what else, but everything is a lovely, thoughtful gift from our wonderful church members.

Our fridge contains

  • Spinach and balsamic vinaigrette

The kids’ presents are on their way from, I’ve worked out menus for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, my last two mosaics have been grouted and are drying on the counter, and now I can sit back, stop staying out late and reveling, and remember that it’s Advent, and prepare for Christmas like we’re supposed to all along.

Oh, and maybe I can squeeze in some work, too. And a workout or ten.