Christmas wishes

Kate wrote up the girls’ Santa lists the other day. They’re pretty adorable.

I love that Sophia asked first for a Pillow Pet and second for God. Did she break the first commandment? Alas, some of the requests are unfulfillable by Santa. Snow? Are [sic] comperter [sic] to work faster? Sorry, kiddos. Kate also knows she’s not getting a DS, now or ever. I’ve explained that Santa cares so much about her that he won’t let her rot her brain on video games.

And here’s a gratuitous picture of my three blue-eyed family members hanging out. Derek’s got his new glasses on. Aren’t they cute?


  1. I vowed no video games either then Gregg bought a used Wii at our church youth group auction for 55 bucks with games and all. I’m still cursing it and my boys are still upset that I only let them play one hour a week. And if they’re naughty, they don’t play at all, which happen quite often. :)

  2. Sophia wants a walking dog but a fake sheep? Why is she hatin’ on sheep?

    And tell Kate that if she gets her direy she should make sure her little sister doesn’t find the key and read through it. Not that I know anything about little sisters who do that sort of thing. Just sayin’.

  3. I had one of those little sisters, too. In fact, her diary-reading (or should I say direy reading) led to my grounding for an entire summer. Yeah. Good memories.

    DeAnn, we have a Wii too, courtesy of the grandparents. At first I wasn’t happy about it, but we only let the kids play in the winter when they can’t be outside. When it’s nice out (most of the time here) the Wii is off. Turns out it’s a pretty fun way to spend a family Sunday afternoon, so I grudgingly admit that I like it after all.

  4. That’s so cute!

    I was just about to post my kids lists too.