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Mine and mine alone

Home, and home

One of my best friends from college came to visit us today. We haven’t seen them in eleven years–eleven years!–which we know because our oldest daughters were roughly two weeks and two months old, respectively, at the time. Fifteen years ago we... read more

Strategy, soul, and Lutheran fiction

Yesterday the girls and I played Monopoly. The outcome of the game is pretty clear from the picture, but read on…. Jonathan was my business partner. I’ve been reading real estate books, all of which talk about the strategy of Monopoly, and I warned the... read more

Ten in ten, part deux

A year or so ago, Lauren challenged us to do a 10 in 10, i.e. take a picture every hour of your day and post it with a caption. At that time, I was working at {shudder} the restaurant-supply-company-that-shall-not-be-named, and every day was pretty much just like the... read more


We’ve been home for nearly 24 hours and I can still feel the waves lapping at my toes. We toured Fort Sumter, took tourist pictures at Rainbow Row (feeling slightly bad about it since real people live there), and gaped at the gorgeous, imposing Federal-style... read more

First communion, Boston, and other momentous vignettes

Here we are in mid-June, and all we’ve got to show for the summer on the lame side so far is 0 trips to the river 0 hikes But, on the awesome side, we have 1 week of swim camp for the girls 1 trip to Boston for Derek and me 1 stay at the grandparents for the... read more

Phone etiquette

I took this screenshot of Kate’s Instagram post the other day so I could send it to Susie. Who is Susie, and why would I send her this shot, you ask? Susie is only the greatest family friend one could ever have. She has been a part of our family since we moved... read more

Summer, day one

Hooray for summer, for sleeping children (till 6:30 a.m., anyway), for bonfires and s’mores and swim camp and gymnastics and orchestra camp and hot days and most of all, for our upcoming vacation! Because Derek and I are wiped out. A guy at work just went... read more

Holding the paradox

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. –F. Scott Fitzgerald I’ve always loved paradox. How is it that two things so seemingly contradictory can both... read more

How I love thee, Trader Joes

What did we ever do without a Trader Joes in Knoxville? I first discovered TJ’s when we were living in Palo Alto. At the time, I was all about the inexpensive wine. (Not 2-buck chuck, though. More like 5-buck sauvignon blanc.) Here in the grand state of... read more

The rules

Our sweet boy has been having trouble staying quietly in bed at night, so Derek invented a few simple rules for him to follow. As he learned them, he added his own. I particularly like #6. P.S. Yes, he ripped the vinyl airplane on his wall off one night. Yes, we need... read more

Easter Monday ramblings

The family, Easter 2014. The backstory: honestly, this was the most relaxed and beautiful Holy Week we’ve ever had, and although I say “relaxed” anyone who is in a pastor’s family will understand that what I mean by that term is not “we... read more

Better than most pop songs

Sophia’s latest song: I clap my hands so high in the air I am so excited for you to be there. Come on just come I can (can’t?) wait for you to see your surprise for you and me I am standing there waiting for you to come I have a surprise for you Come on... read more


When Sophia was little I worried that she might not have a conscience. She’d do something wrong, and, when the transgression was pointed out to her, would simply shrug it off. I wrung my hands over her more times than I could count. As she’s grown,... read more


Derek’s going to hate this post because we’ve had this conversation a zillion times, and it goes like this. Me: I wish I had a business partner. Him: You know what Dave Ramsey says about business partners. (Emphasis mine.) Me: I know…. And then I... read more

Hit the road, Jack

A few weeks ago I posted about our dream vacations. Then I said they will never happen. I was wrong. In April I’m probably going to North Carolina for work, either to the coast (pretty) or to Charlotte (convenient). In May, I’m going to Denver for advanced... read more

Four things

1. I’ve been slowly reading this fantastic book for weeks now (mainly pre-bed on Sundays, which seems to be the only time I’m relaxed and organized enough to go to bed 30 minutes early to read), but today I’ve been holed up on the cozy chair in the... read more

Dream vacation

My dream vacation: Derek’s dream vacation:   The kids’ dream vacation:   Derek’s and my combined dream vacation:   What we really do with our time off:   Oh, and when there’s time we also   But I still long... read more

Shoutout to the grandparents

When I was growing up, we lived in the same town as my mom’s parents. We saw them often. They were a huge part of our lives and interwoven into the fabric of our childhood memories. We moved away when I was seven. My sisters were nine and five. Although we still... read more

To Helvetica in a handbasket

I heard that phrase on NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” show Saturday morning, and it’s adorable if you ask me and apt if you ask a font guy like my dad. They were talking about IKEA, actually, and the outrage sparked in 2009 when IKEA... read more

My funny kids

I caught Jonathan singing in the bathroom last night. I think the kids have had one too many Top 40 dance parties in the playroom. Then Sophia wanted her turn. The kids somehow found a full-length version of Frozen on YouTube a few weeks ago. We couldn’t believe... read more