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Mine and mine alone.

Little stinker

This weekend we bought our annual bag of fall candy, except this year we got the Brach’s and the Kroger brand and separated them due to Sophia’s allergies, and put them out Saturday afternoon. That night, Jonathan’s door was unusually closed, so I... read more

Misc. ramblings from the weeks behind and ahead

First, the heartbreaking news: Two women I loved and admired passed away too young from cancer in the past two weeks. Jennifer was our family’s hairdresser, and she and her husband Rick were our friends. In the early days in Knoxville we hung out with them... read more

Labor weekend

Because we’re boring suburban homeowners or crazy people (take your pick), we didn’t spend Labor Day weekend grilling and lounging like you’re supposed to. We hauled 600 pounds (give or take) of soil, planted dense shade grass down our hill where no... read more

Statistics report, 8/21-8/28

The most exciting week of the year has come and gone, and here’s the full report by (food) numbers: 1 fifteenth anniversary dinner at Foothills Milling Company 2 amuse bouches, aka bite-size hors d’œuvre, consisting of a spoonful of asparagus truffle soup... read more

Blogging is all fake.

Blogs are fake. Or, if you want to be less harsh about it, how about this: Blogs are curated to shine the light on only those prisms we want to offer up to the world. So are Facebook, and Twitter, and LinkedIn, and everywhere else we present ourselves in public. Oh, I... read more

Out of doors

Another busy week of August is in the books! I think we had a single evening this whole last week where we weren’t running in different directions, which made yesterday’s family hike & swim day even better. But I’ll get to that in a second.... read more

Magic school bus days, love, and marriage

Jonathan started Kindergarten camp last week, otherwise known as two days of shuffling around classrooms for him and evaluation for them. Eventually, the kids are assigned into rooms with energy levels and reading levels and behavioral levels more or less distributed... read more

Hillside gardening, the trauma and progress

For some reason my gardening bug hits in the heat of August every year. I can’t think why except that so many of our plants are perennials like coneflowers and black-eyed susans, and it’s hard to tell how the garden will shape up till they’re in... read more


The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now. –Chinese proverb It’s been a good run at my company, but I’ve known since before I started that it wasn’t my “forever” place. My boss wanted it to... read more

Convention time

It sucks without Derek here. My mom hates that word, and I hesitated to use it here because she reads my blog, but the truth is when he’s gone it’s like the bad word. Nothing is the same. We try to do fun stuff, like going out with friends for dinner at... read more

What is wanted, what is needed

My last post was gushy, perhaps annoyingly so. The river! Great life! Sweet husband! Everything is beautiful! That’s all true and real and worth documenting. But before that was this: a long, miserable period in which I sat around and prayed for something I... read more

First article gifts, Little River edition

In between working, not working, Vacation Bible School, counting steps, planting plants, taking kids to doctors’ appointments, obsessively searching Isle of Palms and Charleston listings on VRBO.com and AirBnB.com, shutting down said searches because not this... read more


We’re a week through summer and so far, so good. I usually get the kids math and vocab workbooks, but this year didn’t bother since they’re so painful for all of us–me more than anyone, because I have to play Bad Cop when I want to be Good Cop.... read more

A weekend to remember

This incredible weekend began Thursday evening with an event I’m against in theory:  preschool “graduation.” It seems precious and silly, especially considering Jonathan isn’t “graduating” from anything yet: he has a full two months... read more

On the nightstand, summer edition

Our vacation is over, and we plan to stay close to home this summer. Ideally many Fridays will be devoted to river sitting, tubing, greenway-walking and biking, and hiking, but in between those things I’m reading. The Children Act After On Chesil Beach, I... read more

Being a mother

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, the day we call our moms and receive cards and kisses and go out for brunch, perhaps, or if you’re like us and hate Mother’s Day brunch crowds, stay home and cook. But days like today are the real Mother’s Days,... read more

Luther country and beyond

We’re somewhere in the European sky, drinking Champagne on the flight home from Paris (having just finished the last raspberry macaroon, which I’m already missing desperately). I’m listening to Bach “Variations Goldberg” as I type, and... read more

10 years ago

Due to our epic trip to Germany and France (long post coming soon!), we missed call week at the seminaries. I sometimes watch online, or at the very least read all the placements for candidates, vicars, and deaconesses from both seminaries the mornings after.... read more

My middle child

Sometimes I think Sophia is a microcosm of the human race. Witness this note I found in her Easter basket while cleaning today and its trajectory. 1. Jesus! Easter! Hooray! 2. Even though I want a dog, clearly he would cost me my candy so I don’t really want a... read more

Three things I learned this weekend

If you ask me, the notion that being a pastor’s wife is some big fat deal often strays into very self-absorbed territory.” –Anonymous pastor’s wife Friday afternoon I kissed my family goodbye and drove off through beautiful eastern and middle... read more