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Mine and mine alone

Morning routine and musings on gratitude

All my friends in my entrepreneurial circles are big into their Morning Routine. It goes something like this: Get up early, because early risers get stuff done. Meditate. Practice gratitude for things big and small. Read over long-term goals and ask self how the big... read more


Since it’s November and since there must be an up after the down, my thoughts this Thanksgiving week have turned to thankfulness. Not the evangelical blogger Instagramesque #gratitude kind, just the normal “Wow, I have some amazing people around me who... read more

Cucumber Gap in the snow

This week has been a beast, with too much going on internally and externally.  After two straight days of hours of sitting, due to a four-hour drive to Charlotte on Thursday, an all-day meeting including a working lunch on Friday and four+-hour drive back Friday... read more

More power to you

After last week’s fit of doldrums (which you may have read about via the post, but fortunately weren’t also subjected to the novel-length emails I wrote my family last week), my sister the counselor-in-training gave me some good advice. She said I’m... read more

The doldrums

I don’t know why I have to But this man must move on I loved my time here Didn’t know till I was gone November shadows, shade November change November spells sweet memory, the season blue remains It’s not even winter and I’m in a funk. A... read more

A philosophical question

Is it more valuable to work on your weaknesses or your strengths? I generally think it’s better to focus on your strengths and amplify them, and work around your weaknesses. But then I get into modes sometimes where I feel like I need to conquer, or at least... read more

Fall, sweet fall and other musings

People say fall is the prettiest on the east coast, but how could it be prettier than east Tennessee? Here’s the view out my dining room window this morning (as I sit here and struggle to make Derek’s laptop PC laptop do what I need it to do after months... read more

Habit Bull and the Big Three

So many things I want to accomplish, and so very little time. Or whatever. I think that’s often an excuse. “I don’t have time” really means “I am not making this a priority.” There are plenty of things I want to do, and don’t... read more

Superhero Sunday

I love this kid. He has the most elastic imagination, going from Captain Hook to Puss & Boots to Escelato (sp? skinny guy in Nacho Libre) in a matter of minutes. He fights bad guys, takes down alligators, and protects me, the “Lost Boys mom,” from mean... read more

This day, forever

Our CPH board meetings happen to fall around September 11 each year, which often puts me on a plane on a day of anxious, heightened sensitivity everywhere. A day of sorrow and remembrance. A day with every monitor in the airport blaring memorials, bells clanging for... read more

On the menu 9.7.14

We’ve got a crazy week ahead, and I have the lack of great meals to prove it. Sunday Drip beef sandwiches. This is a recipe my sister made for us in South Dakota, which she got from the Pioneer Woman. It’s incredibly tasty, and especially gratifying to... read more

Staying off the hedonic treadmill

The hedonic treadmill: I came across this term recently and sort of fell in love with it, as the idea of it perfectly encapsulates a feeling I’ve had, and have expressed very wordily, many times over the years as Derek and I work on our budgets and financial... read more

On the menu 8.31.14

I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile (since October), but a few of the few people who read this blog have mentioned it recently, and I thought I should start it up again. After all, some day when I’m old and blogs are a relic of the past,... read more

Wrapping up 36 and 14

We’re winding down one of my favorite weeks of the year, our standing celebratory week of anniversary and my birthday, and beyond the amazing evening I had with Derek on our 14th anniversary Tuesday at Knox Mason, the highlight of the week was largely this: My... read more

Home, and home

One of my best friends from college came to visit us today. We haven’t seen them in eleven years–eleven years!–which we know because our oldest daughters were roughly two weeks and two months old, respectively, at the time. Fifteen years ago we... read more

Strategy, soul, and Lutheran fiction

Yesterday the girls and I played Monopoly. The outcome of the game is pretty clear from the picture, but read on…. Jonathan was my business partner. I’ve been reading real estate books, all of which talk about the strategy of Monopoly, and I warned the... read more

Ten in ten, part deux

A year or so ago, Lauren challenged us to do a 10 in 10, i.e. take a picture every hour of your day and post it with a caption. At that time, I was working at {shudder} the restaurant-supply-company-that-shall-not-be-named, and every day was pretty much just like the... read more


We’ve been home for nearly 24 hours and I can still feel the waves lapping at my toes. We toured Fort Sumter, took tourist pictures at Rainbow Row (feeling slightly bad about it since real people live there), and gaped at the gorgeous, imposing Federal-style... read more

First communion, Boston, and other momentous vignettes

Here we are in mid-June, and all we’ve got to show for the summer on the lame side so far is 0 trips to the river 0 hikes But, on the awesome side, we have 1 week of swim camp for the girls 1 trip to Boston for Derek and me 1 stay at the grandparents for the... read more

Phone etiquette

I took this screenshot of Kate’s Instagram post the other day so I could send it to Susie. Who is Susie, and why would I send her this shot, you ask? Susie is only the greatest family friend one could ever have. She has been a part of our family since we moved... read more