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Mine and mine alone.

Best practices for vacationing at Gulf Shores

Immediately upon arriving, do not pass Go, do not bring belongings up to the condo, but head directly to the beach. You will not be sorry. Don’t forget that the change to Central time will result, for the first few days, in hangry kids who think you’re eating meals... read more

April happenings

Spring! Warm weather! Cool evenings and mornings! Our treehouse is growing back, and all I can see outside my office window this morning is a canopy of delicate shades of green. I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite time of year (they’re all wonderful, for... read more

Six months

Tomorrow I’m getting a screw taken out of my ankle. Being a pastor’s family, we plan our surgeries around important church seasons and festivals like Lent and Easter. And, speaking of Easter, once again, I got zero adorable photos of our family, even... read more


Yesterday I made a Southwest-style salad to bring to Bluetick for dinner. It had fresh artisan lettuce. Avocados. Black beans and olives. Monterey Jack cheese, cilantro, and taco ranch with lime Tostitos. Not bad, really. But there was loud complaining from the three... read more

The gray area between sickness and health

Last weekend I scheduled a playdate for Sophia. Background: Sophia doesn’t get many playdates due to the sheer number and amount of things we have going on. She’s not an only child. We’re juggling work, kids activities, church functions, and very... read more

Consuming part 2

My mom pointed out that she used her iPad for some highly valuable activities yesterday, like doing Lenten devotions. I suppose that kind of consumption should be distinct from what I’m talking about in the negative sense: the consumption of tweens and teens are... read more

Creating vs Consuming

I’m reading a fantastic new book (the details of which I’ll spare you because Derek has had to hear them all) by two business and tech guys who are at the top of their fields. One of them has a dozen kids, and he wrote a section called “How the Hell... read more

I’m turning into my mother

This could be a series. Maybe it will be. Installment One: There’s this story I’ve told often enough, in different contexts, but always with the same indignant ending. When we were in high school, mom had a rule. On Saturday mornings, we had to be up and... read more

To Asheville, with love

To think that Asheville is just the Biltmore is to think that Knoxville is just the UT Vols, or that San Francisco is just the Golden Gate Bridge, or that Fort Wayne is…well, I don’t know what most people think of when they think of the Fort. Probably not the seminary... read more

After a decade

Ten years ago this month, we loaded a U-Haul and drove down to Knoxville from the Fort. We closed on our first house on Tuesday. Company arrived on Thursday. The best company: Professor Pless, who preached Derek’s ordination sermon. Our wonderful friends and... read more

January happenings and lack thereof

I’ve been pretty quiet on here for two reasons. One, I’m cranking out content at my new business domain and don’t seem to have the words left to catalog our personal lives. (Not that I have nothing to say; I blog in my head all the time. Finding the... read more

2015 retrospective

We halfheartedly started a 2015 Christmas letter; actually a video this year in an attempt to top our quiz, website, magazine, and other creative formatting attempts. But “halfheartedly” is the key word here, mainly because I’d like to kick 2015 in... read more

Downtown magic

I’ve been waiting for last night since before the accident. (Because that’s how life is categorized these days: Before the Accident and After the Accident, with subcategories of Plaster Cast, Walker, Crutches, Boot, No Boot.) It was one of my last days of... read more

Mobility, phase one

And then on that Final Day, When the earth shall pass away! Lightning stroke from east to west, Christ our Lord by all confessed! There before Thy Great White Throne, Devil, sin and death all gone! From all evil things set free, SAFE WITH GOD ETERNALLY! — “A... read more

Talk on resilience

Well I’ve been lockin’ myself up in my house for some time now Readin’ and writin’ and readin’ and thinkin’ and searching for reasons and missing the seasons. The autumn, the spring, the summer, the snow. The record will stop and... read more

Dressers: the big reveal

Let’s take a break from my ankle this week (ha! ha!) and talk about our latest home improvement project, the one that literally made me sick from all the sanding and threw my back out in hauling the largest dresser upstairs, but was oh-so-worth-it when the... read more


I used to have resolve and grit and determination and resilience inside that propelled me forward no matter the circumstances, but lately my core of steel seems to have been replaced by a wall of glass that was shattered in the accident and glued back together, whole... read more

A listicle, week 2.5

Yes, the boot is that huge. And heavy. And I feel lots worse than I look here. Things I miss Cooking Exercising Seeing the mountains every day Our planned hike to LeConte this weekend Cleaning up around the house (I know, I’m surprised too) Standing on two legs... read more

Dark thoughts with light at the end of the tunnel

I fully expected my father to chastise me either publicly or privately for a section of my last post, specifically the part about understanding objectively that Jesus died for all, but, reflecting on the moment of terror when the car was upon me, having devilish... read more